Meet our awesome team

Wayne Cheers

IT Guru (Director)

Our cyber detective, Wayne has almost 30 years under his belt policing and investigating sensitive cybercrimes. If anyone knows what it takes to make a CRM both secure and highly effective, it’s Wayne.

Kelvin Holliday

Head Adventurer (Director)

Kel believes in bringing a unique set of skills to the unique development of all productivity tools, so you can unleash your best. A three-time bestselling author, Kel is also an award-winning leadership and productivity expert.

Ivy Aldridge

Success Guru

Starting out as a virtual assistant, Ivy has spent over eight years managing client relations, in which her background in accountancy lent her a hand. She likes to seek out challenges, which explains her mastery in related areas—from project management to executive support.


Ronnel Argillo

CRM Support Hero

Since 2018, Ronnel has been specialising in CRM by starting out in tech support and going on as an automation specialist. Now an expert in the digital marketing industry, Ronnel believes in developing only impeccable CRM skills to deliver impeccable results.


Jegger Gagarani

CRM Support Hero

Jegger draws on his experience in customer service and CRM to expertly make things easier for clients, but the secret to his effective ways lies not in his background or his keen eye to detail, but in his passion for nurturing successful and healthy client relationships.

The people behind CRM Hub are dedicated productivity experts in web application copy who share our company’s values and goals.

We bring a top-notch all-in-one sales and marketing solution to you and your business, while ensuring awesome support for our team to unleash their own productivity.